Microsoft Excel has long been the go-to application for storing and organizing data, making it an essential tool for many individuals and businesses. However, sometimes accidents happen, and important Excel files can get deleted or lost. Don’t worry, though, there are ways to retrieve them. Here, we will show you how to recover deleted or unsaved Excel files and answer some frequently asked questions about the process.

1. Cara Mengembalikan File Excel Yg Terhapus


One of the most common problems when working with Excel files is accidentally deleting them. You might have hit the wrong button or didn’t realize you were deleting the wrong file until it was too late. However, just because a file is deleted doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

To recover a deleted Excel file, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Recycle Bin – Deleted files are usually stored in the Recycle Bin, so it’s the first place you should check. If you find the deleted file, right-click on it and select “Restore.”
  2. Check the File History – If you have enabled the File History feature in Windows, you can recover previous versions of your files. To access File History, go to Settings > Update & Security > Backup. From there, click on “More options” and select “Restore files from a current backup.”
  3. Use a Data Recovery Program – If neither of the above methods work, you might need to use a data recovery program. There are many free and paid options available, such as Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery. These programs scan your hard drive for deleted files and allow you to recover them.

2. Cara Mengembalikan Dokumen Excel Yang Belum Tersimpan

Cara Mengembalikan Dokumen Excel Yang Belum Tersimpan

Another common scenario is forgetting to save an Excel file before closing it or experiencing a power outage or computer crash that causes the file to be lost. Fortunately, Excel has built-in features to help you recover unsaved files.

To recover an unsaved Excel file, follow these steps:

  1. Open a New Excel Workbook – When you open Excel, it will automatically create a new workbook. Don’t close this workbook yet.
  2. Go to File > Info > Manage Workbook – Click on “Manage Workbook” and select “Recover Unsaved Workbooks.”
  3. Select the File – Excel will open a folder containing all unsaved workbooks. Select the one you want and click “Open.”
  4. Save the File – Once you have opened the unsaved file, be sure to save it immediately to prevent it from being lost again.


1. Can I recover an Excel file that was permanently deleted?

Yes, it is possible to recover a permanently deleted Excel file using a data recovery program. However, the success rate varies depending on how long ago the file was deleted, how much the computer has been used since then, and other factors. It is important to act quickly and stop using the computer as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovery.


2. How can I prevent Excel files from being lost or deleted?

There are several ways to prevent Excel files from being lost or deleted:

  • Save frequently – Get into the habit of saving your Excel files frequently to minimize the risk of losing unsaved work. You can also use AutoSave to save changes automatically.
  • Backup your files – Make sure to create backups of important Excel files, either by copying them to an external hard drive or using a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Use File Recovery software – Some data recovery software can automatically backup your files and restore them in case of accidental deletion or loss.

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By following these tips and tricks, you can recover lost or deleted Excel files and prevent it from happening in the future. Remember to save your work frequently, backup your files, and use data recovery software to increase the chances of retrieving lost data.