Have you ever received a PDF file with data that you needed to input into a spreadsheet? It can be a tedious task to manually copy and paste each cell into Excel. But fear not, there are easy and efficient ways to convert your PDF files into Excel format.

Online Conversion Tools

The easiest and quickest way to convert your PDF into Excel format is by using online conversion tools. Simply upload your PDF file to the website, select the desired output format (in this case, Excel), and wait for the tool to do its magic. You can then download the converted file and import it into Excel.


There are many online conversion tools available for free, including Smallpdf, Adobe Acrobat, and Zamzar. Smallpdf, for example, offers a simple and user-friendly interface, with the option to convert up to two files per day for free.

Offline Conversion Tools

If you prefer to have more control over the conversion process, you can use offline conversion tools. These tools require you to install software on your computer, but they can offer more advanced features than online tools.

Offline conversion tool

One popular offline conversion tool is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which allows you to convert PDF files into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint format. You can also edit the converted file within the software and save it as a new PDF or other formats.

OCR Technology

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is another option for converting PDF files into Excel format. OCR technology recognizes text from scanned documents or images and converts it into editable format.

OCR technology

There are both online and offline OCR tools available, such as ABBYY FineReader and Nitro PDF. OCR technology can be particularly useful when dealing with scanned PDF documents, as it can convert the scanned text into Excel format without any manual input.


Q: Are there any limitations to using online conversion tools?

A: Yes, some online conversion tools may limit the number of files you can convert per day unless you pay for a premium subscription. Additionally, some files may not convert accurately, particularly if they contain complex formatting.

Q: Can I convert a password-protected PDF file into Excel?

A: No, you cannot convert a password-protected PDF file into Excel format unless you have access to the password. You will need to enter the password to unlock the PDF file before you can convert it.

Video Tutorial

Converting your PDF files into Excel format can be a quick and efficient way to input data into a spreadsheet. Whether you choose to use online conversion tools, offline conversion tools, or OCR technology, you can save yourself time and effort by automating the conversion process.